Easy organization of business trips

We help making business trip organization easier at all stages: from booking travel services at reduced B2B rates to instantly uploading reports. No subscription fees.

Hotels, railway and plane tickets, transfers, self-drive car rentals, and insurance are all available for order.

11,000 companies have already signed up on Ostrovok.ru Komandirovki. Now is your time to join!

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  • 1.9M+ hotels around the world
  • Wide range of travel services
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Advanced reporting
  • Customizable travel policies
  • One back office for several legal entities
  • Fast hotel selection based on any parameters

    Find the best options under any travel policies with reduced B2B rates and a wide inventory: on Ostrovok.ru Komandirovki, there are more than 1.9M+ accommodation facilities around the world.

  • Different payment methods

    Choose the payment method that suits your company's financial regulations best: by invoice or by corporate card on the spot when checking in.

  • Travel policies

    Add travel policies for your company and use them when making bookings. Grant your employees specific rights for working in the system.

  • Employees' profiles

    Create employees' profiles for the automatic loading of their data when they make bookings.

  • Settings for several legal entities

    Book hotels, air tickets, and transfers from different legal entities or affiliates in your back office.

  • Download invoices

    Get needed reports about trips anytime and in any format that is convenient for you.

  • Allocate trips to cost centers

    Manage your bookings and expenses efficiently by using different tools in your back office.

  • Cost control

    A separate report for controlling costs by all the booked services with the additional tab for analytics.

  • Multiediting

    The feature of bulk editing of employees' profiles, for up to 500 users.

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We have the trust of more than 11,000 companies companies in Russia!

What is good: the feature of buying air tickets, a wide range of hotels, flexible parameters settings.

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What is good: the deposit feature, profitable rates, pre-checking of bookings, and Customer Support.

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What is good: prices, user-friendly interface, easy downloading of closing documents.

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About us

Ostrovok.ru Komandirovki is a part of Emerging Travel Group, a group of four brands leading on the travel market: Ostrovok.ru, B2B.Ostrovok, RateHawk, and ZenHotels.

For 11 years, ETG services have been highly rated by industry professionals and travelers. In 2018, on the B2B.Ostrovok brand, offers for corporate clients were launched. Since then, 11,000 corporate partners have signed up.

  • The feature of booking air tickets and transfers has been added to the mobile app.
  • We have launched 12 new features, for example, multiediting and import of orders to 1C.
  • The cost reports has been added to the back office.
  • Registering of new users by link is now open.
  • A new payment method for transfers has been added: bank card.
  • The official Telegram channel of the service has been launched.

Ostrovok.ru Komandirovki is a part of Emerging Travel Group which is one of the most fast-growing travel holdings in the world. We offer to the market more than 1,900,000 accommodation facilities with 24/7 multilingual Customer Support.

We have direct contracts with more than 67,000 hotels, apartments, hostels, camping sites, sanatoria, and guest houses cooperating with us via the Extranet Emerging Travel management system.
We'll be happy if you become our partner and increase your direct sales as well as the popularity of your accommodation facility. You can sign up in our system. It won't take more than 30 minutes.
If you have any questions about the partnership, we'll be happy to answer them. Send us an email to hotels@emergingtravel.com.
We'll be happy if you join the team of our partners and receive an additional sales channel with a big volume of bookings.
We will be glad if you join the numbers of our partners and gain an additional sales channel with a large number of bookings.
If you are interested in the sales and development of your business, send us an email to tpp@emergingtravel.com.
Emerging Travel is a high-technological platform. Our business is built on innovations because we interact with the companies that offer the best solutions in the travel industry.
If you'd like to integrate with Emerging Travel for your business development, send an email to api@emergingtravel.com.
We regularly hold promotions and campaigns to reward our clients with special offers. We also hold a lot of events related to partner integrations.
If you'd like to develop your business and if we have a similar target audience, contact us. And we'll be happy to start planning the integration with you so that it will be valuable and profitable for clients.
Send your suggestions to pr@emergingtravel.com.
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